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Get Online Coaching

I couldn’t have asked for a better online coach. It literally feels like she is with my every step of the way. Sending me awesome articles about the latest food trends and keeping me motivated to work out. Adriell your awesome ! I love the continued motivation you give me on a daily basis to keep up the good fight.

- Lillian Moore

A message from Adriell…

My job is to work with you to create a training lifestyle that works with and for you.

If you apply everything that is taught in this program and I mean every little detail I tell you, you are ensured results.

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Personal Training

Personal Training

“Be the Best you.”

- Adriell Patterson

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What you Can Expect…

  • Customized Fit Plan of Action
  • Nutrition & Behavior re-engineering
  • Pre & Post Meal Prep
  • Fit Assessment Test
  • Interactive Learning Environment
  • Preventative Injury Maintenance
  • Increase Flexibility & Strength
  • Building the Correct Work Out Mindset
  • Goal Setting
  • & More…

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Want a Better Body ?

That is the easy part! Want a better life, we have to practice. Think about doctors, yoga instructors, even in religion, they refer to these things as practices. Why are these disciplines referred to as “practices”, because that is what you do, you practice to get better, you practice to live the life you want to live, you practice to get closer to what you feel is important or valuable. There is no such thing as the perfect 100% accurate doctor, the medical field is constantly changing, what we know and understand, evolves every year. Just like a healthy life style a, a new meal plan or a new fitness regimen, it takes practice.
Stick with it, sometimes the test is not graded for accuracy but completion. Don’t quit a diet or meal plan because of one mistake meal. Then your off the plan out of the game and the whole healthy living train has derailed and now beating yourself up, you just get back up on the horse, and teach him who holds the reins!


- Adriell Patterson, Tighter Better Stronger, Inc.

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Why Choose Adriell?

Let me show you the sexy fun fitness and lifestyle tips to help you live the happy healthy life you deserve.

Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy Lifestyle

Learn how to live healthy.

Posing Classes

Posing Classes

Learn how to strike the perfect pose for any picture.

Fitness Monitoring

Fitness Monitoring

Stay up to date on the latest news in fitness.

 1-on -1  Training

1-on -1 Training

You are her main priority.

Group Classes

Group Classes

Bring a friend and let Adriell work you out.

Weekly Progress Reports

Weekly Progress Reports

Stay up to date on your progression through Adriell's Training regimen.

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